Canada Roof Restoration Inc. is a dedicated roofing company, which helps industrial, commercial and institutional buildings roof restoration and maintenance programs that lower capital expenditures and extend, the life of their roofs.

We have continuing training and development for our roofing technicians and the highest standards for all of our employees. In addition, we offer the most comprehensive warranties in our industry. We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) and in good standing with both.

  • More Than 80% of All Roofs are replaced prematurely
  • Most Roof Failures Occur in Less Than 10% of the Roof Area
  • Restoration treatments and maintenance programs can add 10 to 15 Years of Service Life to an existing roof system
  • A roof restoration service can save up to 67% the cost of full roof replacement


  • Safe – no torches or flames on roof. Ideal for wood structures and eliminates risk of costly fire damage
  • Superior Protection- creates a long-lasting superior wearing surface that effectively increases your roof systems life. Full warranty provided by product manufacturer and Canada Roof Restorations
  • Environmentally Safe – very little solvent which helps maintain EPA compliant levels of VOCs. Ideal for use in Hospitals and facilities sensitive to odours
  • User Friendly – process is extremely fast and simple to install, reducing disruption to tenants and owners.
  • Maximizes Life Cycle – restoration coupled with an effective preventive maintenance program will ensure that your deck, insulation and roof system stay dry and protect your building from the elements.
  • Landfill Impact – reducing the need for tear-off and disposal of your old roof system. This will reduce the environmental impact on landfills and the environment 
    • A 10,00 square foot building;
      • Traditional replacement if it was replaced, that represents 60,000 pounds of roofing materials waste
      • By restoring, we have only 1471 pounds of roofing material waste.
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